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wholesale Second Hand Shoes in Bales

We have professional packing workers and loading machine. Can pack the goods very tight and load more quantity inside. We will try to find the best way to pack the goods and load more goods for the customers.

  About shipping:

  1. Port of loading: mainly ship from Tianjin port, China

  2 .Shipping method: Express/Air freight/MLB/Sea/railway

  3. Freight: the shipping freight depends on total weight and cube of the ordered item. We quoted the freight, the price directly from the shipping company.

  4. LCL and FCL, all it is ok.

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  Q. Why we choose Yaole used clothing/used shoes/used bags?

  A: 1)We have own factory, so we have very stable manufacturing capabilities. Our quality can be the best and price very competitive.

  2)Quality control teams dedicated to their task monitor quality control measures at all facilities closely.

  3)The price quoted according to your quantity. the quantity according to customer need.

  Q:How to make good quality?

  A: 1st, material only from 1st level cities of China,like Shenyang, Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Jinan, and so on.

  2nd,quality checking before off-loading the material, no good then reject.

  3rd, we insist high standard from boss to workers.

  4th,workers are skilled and stable for more than 3 years.

  5th,5 QCs (quality control) are checking along the line all the time.

  our company as a Second Hand Shoes Exporters in China ,if you need that pls contact us.