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men clothes online sale

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Introduce some ways with men clothes:
1, a meeting, or wear a formal is better. Stable suit colors and shirts with the same color will not be wrong, the tie is not too eye-catching Caixing. The best choice of plain to match, the details of the decoration should also pay attention to ~ ah ~ If it is black shoes do not wear white socks.
2, the internal small meeting, still dominated by suits, colors Well ~ can be some fashion, tie can also be bright Oh ~ trousers or to wear ~ shoes styles and color choices can also be slightly changed.

men clothes online sale
3, do not go out, so the clothes can be worn at leisure, vest plus shirt, looks good gentleman ah, hot can wear the long-sleeved shirt inside. Casual shoes, all the rules in the watch more with this body.
4, go out to work in a small party, because they are acquaintances, so do not have to dress too cautious. Striped pants add a little vitality, the choice of bracelets should not be too fancy.
5, wearing a cowboy weekend relax it! Shirt or choose convex more eye-catching t-shirt best.
6, finally you can rest, if you want to go shopping, wear full youthful casual wear!

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