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Wholesale Cheap Used Sportswear China

Shijiazhuang Yaole Mechanical Equipment Sales Co., Ltd., founded in 2011, is established with the approval of shijiazhuang city administration for industry and commerce, the company is located in shijiazhuang city Fang Xinglu yuhua district no. 77, Is a collection of clothing, Clothes & Accessories, fur handicrafts, machinery and equipment, such as production and sales, factory and trade integration of diversified export company.
wholesale cheap used sportswear china
cheap used sportswear FAQ:
Q:Are you factory or trading company?
A:We are manufacturer,welcome to visit our factory to check the material and goods quality.
Q:How to make good quality?
A:1st, material only from 1st level cities of China,like Guangzhou ,Shenzhen, Shanhai Foshan, and so on.
2nd,quality checking before offloading the material, no good then reject.
3rd,we insist high standard from boss to workers.
4th,workers are skilled and stable.
5th,each production line has professional QC to check and control the quality before packing, all the unqualified items will be sorted out before packing.
Q: How many days it needs to produce one 40HQ container?
A:For clothing: 4-7days per 40HQ container;28 working days/month;15-20 containers/month
For shoes: 5-7days per 40HQ container;28 working days/month;4-5 containers/month
Q:What kinds of packing material you have?
A: This is according to customer's requirement, normally has Transparent/White woven membrane/ Orange woven membran/ Yellow woven membrane etc.
Q:How many bales u can load in 40HQ container ?
one 40HQ maximum loading weight is <28660KG,usually we load near this weight.
A:For summer clothes:
100kg/bale: 285 (28.5 tons)
90kg/bale: 317 (28.53 tons)
80kg/bale: 356 (28.48 tons)
75kg/bale: 380 (28.5 tons)
60kg/bale: 475 (28.5 tons)
our company provide wholesale used clothes bales,if you need that pls contact us.