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Used Lady Clothes Lows

We have a lot of experince in sorting and exporting used clothes, We have customers from Cameroun, Ghana, Mozambique, Uganda, Kenya and Madacascar etc. 
Yaole  used cloth factory focus on donation box invest since from 2011 till now, we has successful in donation box invest, we have about 1000 donations box in Shijiazhuang  area.

used lady clothes lows

used lady clothes FAQ :

 Q:What's kind of company we are, factory or trading company?
  A: We are manufacturer, we collet the material by ourselves, also provide shipping service for our customer.
  Q:How many years your company has been in used clothing business?
  A:Since 2011.
  Q:How to make good quality?
  A:1) material only from good economic cities of China.
     2) quality checking before offloading the material.
     3) workers are skillful and have been into this work for 3 years.
     4) 6QC(quality control) are checking along the line all the time.
  Q: How many days to finish one 40 HQ container?
 A: One week per 40 HQ container after deposit.
 Q:What kinds of packing material you have?
 A: Transparent/White woven membrane/Orange woven membran/Yellow woven membrane etc.
  Q:How many bales can enter 40HQ container?
 A: 1) For clothes container:29 tons per container.
     2) For shoes container: 20 tons per container.
     3) For bags container:21 tons per container.

our company provide wholesale used clothes bales,if you need that pls contact us.