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The Factory Sells Used Clothing

We have been in used clothes,shoes and bags collection business for more than 7yeas and in used clothing export these things to overseas more than 5 years.

1.Our used clothes are sorted into high quality first grade and more than 60 different items such as ladies silk dress, men shirt, chidlren summer wear,etc.
2.All used clothes are packed in 45kg,80kg,95kg,100kg bales. Or according to customers requirements.And we can use customers' appointed color cover and print the logo also.
3. All items that are ripped, torn, have holes in them, worn out or dirty are all removed before the bales are made up.
4. We do not supply bales of individual lines.
5. Customers are warmly welcomed to visit our warehouse at any time you want,and supervise the whole process,sorting,cleaning,packaging and loading.
6. We usually give a uniform price according to customers' packing list for all the items.
Notes: We can also offer you mixed used clothing and original used clothing

we provide wholesale lady clothes  china ,if you need that pls contact us.