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Second hand used clothing winter nylon sportswear

  Second hand used clothing winter nylon sportswear Details:


  Transparant(Waterproof)/White woven menbrane/Orange woven membrane/Yellow woven menbrane

  Certificate SGB/BV/BESC/fumigation/health/CNCA(Angola)/BIC(Garbon)

  Shipment PIL/MSK 21 days rent-free period

  Payment 50%deposit,balanbce before loading

  what can we do for you?

  If you are professional buyer

Second hand used clothing winter nylon sportswear.jpg

  we provide you

  1.stable quality and quantity guarantee do the sorting,grading and logo to meet your requirement

  If you are new buyer

  we provide you

  1.give you professiona suggestion on item combination, package according to your target market

  Our advantage

  1.more than 10 years experience of sorting and exporting used clothes to 10Africa countres, 2 southe Asia coutries

  2.very experience and skilled group in the sorting ways for different countris and areas.

  Our company as a Second hand used clothing Supplier ,if you need that pls contact us.