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High-class Cheap Mixed Men Winter Jacket Used Clothes

Our company apply the fashion used clothes(all seasons),used bags & used shoes,fit size for adult and kids.Good price and highly quality.Strict in quality of items,and always keep studying with customers...

One is for summer used clothing, the second is for winter clothing, the third one is for used bags and used shoes. 1 containers are loaded every day. 

We sell usded summer clothes,use winter clothes,used shoes and used bags. 

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Q: How to improve quality?

A: (1) The materials only come from China's first-tier cities such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Foshan. 

     (2) Perform a quality inspection before un loading the material and then reject it.

     (3) We insist on the high standards from the boss to the workers.

     (4) Skilled workers, work more than 3 years stable.

     (5) Five QCs (quality control) have been checking the line. 

Q: How many days will it take to produce a 40HQ container?

A: 3 days for every 40HQ container; 20 days for every 28 days; 50 containers/month. 

Q: What kind of packaging materials do you have?

A: transparent/white fabric film/orange fabric film/yellow fabric film, etc.

Q: How many packages can be installed in a 40HQ container?

A:320 packs of 100kg clothing.980 bags of 25 kg shoes.

It will save you at least $5 in shipping costs.

Our company provide High-class Cheap Mixed Men Winter Jacket Used Clothes,if you need that pls contact us.