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Cheap second hand used men clothes for sale

  We are one of the  professional exporter of used clothing, used bags and used shoes in China. Established in 2011, with more than 9years’ rich experience in collecting, sorting, packing, loading, customs declaration, ocean shipping and destination customs clearance, we could supply A, B used clothing or prepare the goods as request.

  Used Clothing For Hot Sale In Bales!

  We are Chinese exporter of used clothing, shoes, belts and hats, etc. Being in the used clothing business for more than 9 years.

  We aim to build a long lasting business relationships with our every customer. Our products’ type is fashionable and there are no torn, no dirty, no damage and with best quality.

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We warmly welcome our buyers to visit our factory and check our quality standard.

  unsorted sorted used clothes raw material professional packing bales used clothing 45kgs pack of clothes used

  Please review our requirements and the Item List below:

  Strict Quality Standard: No Dirty, No Torn, No Damaged, No Fade AND all in Fashionable Design.

  Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Twenty-Foot Container

  Loading and Package: We ship either 20ft or 40ft (HQ) containers, 40ft(HQ) container load from 260 to 280 bales approximately. One 20ft container load from 120 to 130 bales (100kilos/bale). Also can according to the requirements.

  The grade of sorting:

  1 all kinds all mixed together

  2 simple ms group: (1) lady; Man; The child; The sport; others

  (2) silk cotton; Pants type; Sports; The child; others

  our company as a free used clothes supplier in china,if you need that pls contact us.