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Beautiful summer Lady Cotton Dress

      Beautiful summer Lady Cotton Dress Details:

      Color: Multi-Colored

      Size: Mix-Sized

      No dirty, no torn, no smelly, all clean

      All in bright colors and fashionable design


      1.100kg/bale,80kg/bale,for West Africa and Asia countries

      2.45kg/bale,55kg/bale for East/South/Middle Africa coutries

      3.Customized packages for any weight


      1.Material:Transparent (Waterproof)/ White Woven Membrane/ Orange Woven Membrane,

      2.Logo: a. Logo customized

      b. Our Brand: Clean Nature,U-CLOTHES


      1.30 days after 50% deposit for first A grade summer sorted clothing FCL

      2.7 days after 50% deposit for first A grade winter sorted clothing FCL

      3. 3 days after 50% deposit for mix grade winter sorted clothing FCL

      4.7 days after 50% deposit for summer mix clothing FCL

      5.10 days after 50% deposit for textile remnant(can be combinated with clothes) FCL

     Beautiful summer Lady Cotton Dress


      Q:Are you factory or trading company?

      A:We are manufacturer,the biggest and top in China.And we have our one trading team.

      Q:How to make good quality?

      A:1st, material only from 1st level cities of China,like Guangzhou ,Shenzhen, Foshan, and so on.

      2nd,quality checking before offloading the material, no good then reject.

      3rd, we insist high standard from boss to workers.

      4th,workers are skilled and stable for more than 3 years.

      5th,5 QCs (quality control) are checking along the line all the time.

      Q: How many days it cost u to produce one 40HQ container

      A:5-7days per 40HQ container; 5 factories total 25 lines working 28 days/month;

      120 containers/month

      Q:What kinds of packing material you have?

      A: Transparent/White woven membrane/ Orange woven membran/ Yellow woven membrane etc. As follow customer's requirement Q:How many bales u can load in 40HQ container ?

      A:For top A summer clothes:

      100kg/bale: 320 (32 tons)

      90kg/bale: 358 (32 tons)

      80kg/bale: 400 (32 tons)

      75kg/bale: 400 (30 tons)

      65kg/bale: 440 (28.6 tons)

      45kg/bale: 608 (27 tons)

      For top A shoes:

      25kg/sack: 989 (24.7 tons,you can never believe!)

      For bags:

      45kg/sack 538 (24.21 tons)

      100kg/bale 320 (32 tons)

      our company as a wholesale used clothes bales Factory ,if you need that pls contact us.