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2019 A Grade Used Men Clothes

  Please review our requirements and the Item List below of 2019 A Grade Used Men Clothes:

  Strict Quality Standard: No Dirty, No Torn, No Damaged, No Fade AND all in Fashionable Design.

  Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Twenty-Foot Container

  Loading and Package: We ship either 20ft or 40ft (HQ) containers, 40ft(HQ) container load from 260 to 280 bales approximately. One 20ft container load from 120 to 130 bales (100kilos/bale). Also can according to the requirements.

Used Clothes Men Jeans Pants.jpg

  The grade of sorting:

  1 all kinds all mixed together

  2 simple ms group: (1) lady; Man; The child; The sport; others

  (2) silk cotton; Pants type; Sports; The child; others

  3 detail categories

  unsorted sorted used clothes raw material professional packing bales used clothing 45kgs pack of clothes used

  Packaging Details


  100kg bales: 270 bales/40HQ,120bales/20ft

  45kg bales: 575 bales/40HQ, 265 bales/20ft

  Packing & Delivery


  1: 100kg/bale,80kg/bale,for West Africa and Asia countries

  2: 45kg/bale,55kg/bale for East/South/Middle Africa coutries

  3: Customized packages for any weight


  1: Transparent PP sheet, printed PP sheet with iron wire pressed.

  2: Transparent PP sheet, printed PP sheet with plastic wire pressed.

  our company as a used clothing exporter in china ,if you need that pls contact us.