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2-10 years old Used Children Shoes For Sale

  2-10 years old Used Children Shoes For Sale




  Sports Shoes, Leather Shoes, Casual Shoes, Canvas Shoes


  Sports Shoes, Casual Shoes, Canvas Shoes, High-Heeled Shoes, High Platform Shoes, Flat Shoes


  Children Shoes


  Top International Brand Shoes, Slippers, Sandals, Spiked Shoes, Roller-Skates

  Packaging Details

  45kg/65kg/75kg/80kg/90kg/100kg Per Bale or According to Your Requirement

  Transparent (Waterproof)/ White Woven Membrane/ Orange Woven Membrane

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  How to control good quality?

  Firstly, the materials are only collected from first-tier cities of China, such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan and so on.

  Secondly, checking on the quality before offloading the materials, if not good we will reject them.

  Thirdly, we always insist on a high standard from boss to workers.

  Fourthly, the workers are all skilled and experienced for more than 3 years.

  Fifthly, quality inspectors are checking along the line all the time for product quality must be ensured.

  How long will take to produce one 40HQ container?

  For 3 days a 40HQ container is produced. There are 20 production lines working on 28 days per month. We can turn out 200 containers a month.

  What kinds of packing films we have?

  We have transparent, white, orange, yellow woven membrane and so on.

  How many bales can be loaded in 40HQ container?

  We have 4 forklifts and 16 workers for loading.

  For top A summer clothes:

  100kg/bale: 320 (32 tons)

  90kg/bale: 358 (32 tons)

  80kg/bale: 400 (32 tons)

  75kg/bale: 400 (30 tons)

  65kg/bale: 440 (28.6 tons)

  45kg/bale: 608 (27 tons)

  For top A shoes:

  25kg/bale: 989 (24.7 tons)

  For bags:

  45kg/bale: 538 (24.21 tons)

  100kg/bale: 320 (32 tons)

  our company as a used Shoes exporter,if you need that pls contact us.