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Lady Silk Skirt

Lady Silk Skirt Mix Used Clothes

we remove this kinds of clothes: Thick, broken, faded, oil, balling-up,underclothes lady long sleeve t-shirt,Unwashed clothes ,old silk, loose old pants,unclean clothes, horn pants,bad colors clothes,thick material, heavy skirt, cotton nigh gown 
used clothing sorted Standard:
1. mix all summer used clothing in bales for one container.
2. simple sort to lady used clothing, men second hand clothes, 
    children summer used clothes and other kinds products.
3. Each cheap used clothing products be sorted in detail.
4. according customer's requirement. used clothing in bales.

Product Description

Product Type: Children Second Hand Clothes
Size: 45kg/65kg/75kg/80kg/90kg/100kg etc.
Brand: YAOLE
Main Market: Nigeria/Benin/Togo/Ghana/Angola/Cameroon/Tanzania/Kenya/Uganda/Congo
Packaging: Transparent/White/Orange/Yellow/Green woven membrane
Certificate: SGS/BV/fumigation
Delivery time: 5-10 days after receiving the deposit
Payment: T/T 50% advance money ,balance 50% against the copy of bl


Packing & Delivery

Items List
LSSH Lady Short Sleeves T-Shirt CCR Children Summer Wear B/G P Boy / Girl Long Pants
LSV Lady sleeveless vest CMR Children Spring / Autumn Wear 3/4P 3/4 Pants
LST(S) Lady stretch T-Shirt(S) CSPW Children Sports Wear OSH Original short Pants
LST(L) Lady stretch T-Shirt(L) CP Children Pants LP/WD Lady party/wedding dress
KNST lady Knitting T-shirt CD Children Dress LFC Lady fashion coat
HKNST Hot knitting shirt MTSH Man Round Neck T-Shirt LCNG Lady cotton night gown
LCB Lady Cotton Blouse MSSC Man Collar T-Shirt LSNG Lady silk night gown
LSB Lady Silk Blouse MSV Men sleeveless vest SW Swimming Wear
LCS Lady Cotton Skirt MSSH Man Short Sleeves Shirt GIRDLE Girdle
LSS Lady Silk Skirt MLSH Man Long Sleeves Shirt BRA Lady Brassieres
LCD Lady Cotton Dress MCP Man Cotton Pants SCARF Scarves
LSD Lady Silk Dress MJP Man Jean Pants LMUW Lady Men Underwear
LJS Lady Jean Skirt MTP Man Tropica Pant BAG Bags
LMS Lady material Skirt ANSW Adult Nylon Sports Wear C/H Caps and Hats
LCP Lady Cotton Pants ALSW Adult Light sports Wear BELTS Belts
LJP Lady Jean Pants ASSW Adult Sliding Sports Wear
LTP Lady Tropica Pant ACSW Adult cotton Sports Wear
LJS Lady jump suit ASSP Adult sport short pants
LSP Lady sexy pants JERSEY Jersey

Q: 1. What is your packing list and what's the kg of every bale?
A: Our factory can do 40kg/bale-100kg/bale(it's according to my customer) Give me your requirements, we can provide a good packing list to u.

Q: 2. Can you do any certification( BV, SGS and so on)
A: Yes, we can do that.

Q: 3. what's the payment style?
A: We accept T/T,Paypal,Western Union. NO CAD

Q: 4.May I visit the factory first, then place order?
A: Of course dear,welcome to visit our factory any time,we can take you up to

our factory when you come and we can bear the most cost for you.
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